Google Searching, inurl.

Using advanced Google searching techniques, you can search for specific words or phrases in a URL.  Why would you use this?  Do you have a specific piece of web based software that you run or you are looking to run and want to see some other sites that run it first?  We will use WordPress as our example.  Since we know that the default url for the admin panel is “/wp-admin/” we can search the Google machine for pages that have been indexed containing “/wp-admin”.  Navigate to Google and click in the search box.  In the search box type:  inurl: /wp-admin/ and then hit enter.

2014-02-16 08_06_23-Google

You will be presented with a list of searches that contain /wp-admin/ in the url!

2014-02-16 08_06_35-inurl_ _wp-admin_ - Google Search

You can use your imagination to change this search operator to find other web based software.  Kick the tires and take it for a spin!