Data Recovery

Accidentally format your camera’s SD card?  Lose pictures from your computer?  There are several methods that I can use to help you to possibly recover your files.  The key to recovering files from accidentally formatted cards or deleted pictures is to stop making new writes to the card or hard drive of the computer and try to recover the files as quickly as possible.  If this has happened to you, contact me as soon as possible.  Data recovery prices range from $50 – $200 depending on the size of the hard drive or memory card.


Accidental deletions and card formats can usually be dealt with at my facility, however, if your hard drive has a physical hardware problem (won’t power on, makes clicking noises) there are companies that have special facilities and equipment to overcome the physical damage.  I can help you arrange a recovery of your files in this instance, but be prepared as this service is not cheap.


Ask me how I can help you avoid having to pay for recovery, by using cloud based backup services for important files and WiFi SD cards that can backup your photos as you take them!