After your network is designed and implemented, sometimes changes need to be made, or maintenance needs to be performed.  I make the change and maintenance needs easy and I don’t leave a mess for the person who may make changes after me.  If you contract with me for network changes or maintenance, everything is documented from the time you contact me until the time the maintenance or changes are complete.  Once the project is finished I deliver full documentation to you for future reference.  Some of the changes or maintenance you may want could be:


  • Installing new firewalls or reconfiguring current firewalls
  • Installing new routers or reconfiguring current routers
  • Adding, removing, or changing switches
  • Adding, moving, deleting VLANs
  • Ensuring quality of service (QoS) is functioning properly or implementing QoS for voice or video needs
  • Adding wireless to extend your wired network
  • Adding wireless to extend your local network to another building or property


I cover all of the preceding scenarios and more.  Contact me today for help with your network!