Security Consulting


It seems like a week doesn’t go by without hearing about the latest data breach that has us all watching our bank statements like hawks.


Have you read the recent news about Target and them possibly losing  100 MILLION+ credit card numbers?


Security compliance is very important in today’s technological environment.


Have a website or application and want two-factor authentication?  I can do that!


Want to use biometrics for storing passwords or logging into critical systems?  I can do that too!


Worried that your company may be experiencing accidental data leakage or that employees may be leaving with confidential information?  Contact me today and I can assist in identifying possible data leakage problems, or analyze your current security controls to see if they are effective!


Not only can I bring battlefield tested security solutions to you and your business, but I can help you create security training and procedures that are adapted to you and your company.  Security should not be “one size fits all”, but if you do approach it that way, your users will ignore the help you are trying to give them.  I can help you achieve balance between usability and security.  Contact me today!