Toshiba IPT with Cisco DHCP


Option 43 works great with the Toshiba IPEdge system.  The good news for CIX owners with IP phones is that it works there too!  Attached is a sheet from Toshiba that tells you how to setup the option.  I don’t know why Toshiba protects this the way they do, as I would think it would show they want to integrate with multiple vendors.  This came from my Toshiba vendor:

Toshiba IPT Auto Config


I’m currently setting up a brand new network that will have a Toshiba IPEdge VoIP system and besides in the Cisco Wireless arena, I haven’t had a chance to use DHCP option 43 on anything until now.  Toshiba’s option 43 configuration is pretty much the same as others, but Toshiba has done a fantastic job of keeping any configuration examples off the Internet.  Here is where I will pick up with it on Monday:




My DHCP config will look something like this:


ip dhcp excluded-address

ip dhcp pool PHONES


domain-name myvoicelan.mydomain.lan


lease 7

option 43 hex 010F.544F.5348.4942.4120.4950.6564.6765.0002.04AC.1001.0A03.0101.0401.3205.0100.0601.33ff


My port config will look something like this:


int gi0/15

description **DATA & VOICE PORT**

switchport host

switchport access vlan 10

switchport voice vlan 20

duplex full


We’ll see if it works!  Of course, I didn’t use real IP and VLAN info here, but I think this has the best chance of working.  Will update after I give it a shot!