Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 24 – First look.

So when you have facilities connected with Ubiquiti’s 900Mhz NLOS service, and your tough switch starts dying, and Ubiquiti just released their new EdgeSwitches, what do you do?  Well you find out how much the switches are, and let me tell you, Ubiquiti is flooring me again.  $395 for a full layer 3, 24 port, Gigabit, 250W PoE switch….. Only 1 distributor in the US currently has this product in stock and they were able to get it to me quickly.  When I first lifted the box the heft of the switch surprised me.  Physically it appears to be very well built:




The default IP address for the switch is, so if you aren’t going to do an isolated setup (not plugged into the rest of your network), make sure there aren’t any other devices on that IP address.  The default username and password are both ubnt.  That is just a first look!  Come back for more stories and articles on configuring this awesome switch.